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As middle child, Dan joked that he was the obraumtje: Low German for the watermelon’s sweet core. When Dan was 5, his father was murdered. His mother gave Dan to her sister and brother-in-law. This uncle too was murdered when Dan was 8. Dan’s aunt’s remarriage created an unhappy scenario; God gave Dan the will to stand up for himself, to live. In 1928, his mother retrieved Dan and immigrated to Canada. He learned English and completed Grade 6 in one winter, then worked as a farmhand for Frank Klassen, in whom he found a father-figure. At 17, Dan became a Christian. Through hardship, he lived in the freedom of forgiveness and faith. Dan and Helen had 6 daughters, 2 sons. After Helen’s death, Dan married Annie and had 2 daughters. Dan was a brilliant inventor who could fix almost anything. He was a farmer, RexAir vacuum salesman, contractor, and finish carpenter. Although Dan worked long days, he always had energy for his family, sports, and the outdoors. He built ice rinks, pet cages, a playhouse, and a camper. A fisherman, gardener, and bowler, he took up golf at 70, playing his last full game at 99. Church was important; he was energized by friends of all ages. Dan valued independence and enjoyed helping anyone in need. He was a sage, cheerleader, mentor, inspiration, and friend.

  • Birth: March 14, 1914
  • Birthplace:
    Halbstadt, Molotschna, Ukraine
  • Death: December 26, 2017
  • Parents:
    Peter & Anna (Martens) Koop
  • Married:
    Helen Falk, Oct. 13, 1935 [d. 1958]; Annie Janzen, Apr. 30, 1960 [d. 2014]
  • Family:
    children Irwin (Lillian), Eleanor (Wilhelm) Kaethler, Irene [d.] (Allan Labun), Werner (Agnes), Helen [d.] (John Dyck), Erica (Jake) Enns, Viola (Edwin) Giesbrecht, Elvira (Henry) Paetkau, Sherryl, Lorie (Ralph) Mayer; 29 grandchildren (26 spouses); 67 great-grandchildren (7 spouses); 11 great-great-grandchildren
  • Church:
    North Kildonan MB, McIvor Avenue MB, Winnipeg
  • Baptism:
    Niverville, Man., age 17