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Anne’s family immigrated to Canada in 1923, arriving by boat in Quebec, then travelling by train to Kelstern, Sask., to begin a life without fear of persecution and hunger. The 1930s, with their crop failures, dirt storms, and grasshoppers, were hard, but Anne and her 9 siblings were happy. They attended church and learned God’s Word. Anne gave her life to God at 15, asking him to make her a blessing. Working in Winnipeg, she treasured her time at Mary Martha Home. Anne grew spiritually attending Herbert (Sask.) Bible School, 1943–45. Anne and Peter farmed in Truax, Sask., one year, then settled in Matsqui, B.C. When the Fraser River overflowed in 1948, floodwaters reached their second floor. Anne and Peter moved to Abbotsford, B.C., operating a dairy and berry farm for 21 years and welcoming 2 children. After retiring to Clearbrook, B.C., they found joy working with MCC. They travelled with their trailer. After Peter’s death, she missed him, despite the love of her children and grandchildren. God was with Anne through many sad days. She worked at MCC a total of 27 years. After 9 years of widowhood, she married George. His children and grandchildren gave her much love. Anne and George enjoyed 15 years together. Her health deteriorated, and she loved to be with the Lord. She was a faithful, active servant at Clearbrook MB Church.

  • Birth: July 25, 1921
  • Birthplace:
    Neuendorf, Ukraine
  • Death: October 16, 2017
  • Parents:
    Jacob & Anna Ketler
  • Married:
    Peter Neufeld, Apr. 15, 1945 [d. 1988]; George Warkentin, July 17, 1997 [d. 2012]
  • Family:
    children Linda [d.], Alvin [d]; 4 grandchildren; 7 great-grandchildren; stepchildren Irene (John), Mary (Bill), Bernie (Laura); 7 step-grandchildren; 14 step-great-grandchildren; 3 siblings
  • Church:
    South Abbotsford (B.C.); Clearbrook MB, Abbotsford, B.C.
  • Baptism:
    Elim MB, Kelstern, Sask., age 17