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Deaths-Anne-NeufeldAnne’s family immigrated to Drake, Sask., in 1926. Anne accepted Jesus as Saviour in 1935. She lost her mother in 1942. The next year, her sister asked her to help in B.C. Anne attended Bible school in Yarrow, B.C., then finished Grades 9–13 in 3 years. She took normal school in 1950. Anne desired to be a missionary. With her friend Anne Isaak, she taught 2 years in Port Essington, B.C. Then, in Port Edward, B.C., they started a church, Sunday school, youth group and Bible study. She treated people of all cultures with respect. The Anne Neufeld Tot Park in Port Edward was named in her honour in 1967. She taught in Port Edward 35 years, retiring in 1989. She returned to Vancouver for holidays, and finally, to live with her sisters. She was “Granny Annie” at Richmond Bethel’s Awana Club and Celebrate Recovery group and at Pinegrove Home for seniors, where she shared her talent for words. She loved writing poetry about her siblings and her dog. Her wit was evident even in her short-term dementia. Anne could recite Scripture in her last 2 years in the nursing homes.

The Voice of God by: Anne Neufeld

  • Birth: August 4, 1927
  • Birthplace:
    South Olgafeld, Ukraine
  • Death: October 1, 2013
  • Parents:
    John & Katherina Neufeld
  • Family:
    3 nieces & 7 nephews
  • Church:
    Port Edward; Richmond Bethel
  • Baptism: