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Deaths-Anna-TeichriebAnna’s family left Russia in 1929, and after 6 months in Germany, immigrated to Paraguay, settling first in the Chaco, then in Friesland in 1937. Anna’s father died in 1939, leaving her mother with 4 children. Anna found the Christian life to be good. She loved singing. Her greatest desire was to become a nurse. At 19, she returned to the Chaco for training. In the hospital, she took care of Jakob, a young blacksmith who became her husband. It was important to Anna that their marriage begin with prayer. Jakob and Anna were baptized into the MB church. 1 John 1:7 was important to them. In 1966, they immigrated to Vancouver. In 1978, Jakob was in an accident and had to retire early from the boat factory. Anna and Jakob build many boats, canoes, horse-drawn buggies and step ladders as a hobby. They praised God for the strength he gave for each day. Anna was gentle, patient and forgiving.     

  • Birth: November 23, 1925
  • Birthplace:
    Margenau, Russia
  • Death: November 5, 2014
  • Parents:
    Kornelius & Margaretha (Giesbrecht) Klassen
  • Married:
    Jakob Teichrieb, Mar. 19, 1949 [d. Apr. 5, 2004]
  • Family:
    children Elisabeth (William Schulz), Hans (Annie), Abram (Alice [d.]), Margaret (Henry Boschman), Kornelius, Gerhard, Karoline, Robert (Tina); 9 grandchildren
  • Church:
    King Road MB, Clearbrook MB, Abbotsford, B.C.
  • Baptism:
    MB church, Friesland, Paraguay, 1951