Lynda S. Dyck


Lynda S. Dyck died Mar. 16, 2011 at 95. She was born Feb. 22, 1916 in Herbert, Sask. to Henry and Aganetha Penner. When Lynda was young, her mother and sister died of typhoid fever. After her father married Tina Penner, they settled in Winkler, Man, in the 1920s. Lynda’s first job was turning off the lights and locking the synagogue Friday nights. She was baptized July 26, 1931, into Winkler MB Church. Lynda attended Winkler Bible Institute and later completed high school by correspondence. She finished normal school in Winnipeg and taught in Zion district. Though she had no intention of marrying, 3 weeks after her first date with George Dyck, Lynda accepted his marriage proposal. Because of her mother’s fragile health, on her father’s advice, Lynda and George eloped Mar. 7, 1940. Lynda drove tractor and truck, cared for animals, planted garden, and canned preserves on their farm near Winkler. Lynda suffered asthma; sometimes her 13-year-old would take her for late-night drives to ease the tension in her lungs. Servanthood marked her life. At Winkler MB Church, Lynda taught Sunday school, served on committees, led women’s groups, and was a deacon with George. Many nights, the children would come home to find Lynda and George praying for them. Lynda journalled daily for most of her adult life. Lynda and George were Winkler Bible Institute dorm parents for 5 years. They travelled to Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, and Great Britain. When George was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Lynda nursed him. Lovingly referred to as “Grandma Cookie,” Lynda loved indulging grandchildren. Predeceased by George, daughter Katherine, granddaughter Charlotte, son-in-law Peter Froese, 1 sister; Lynda is mourned by children Louise (Peter Victor Froese), Peter (Irene Falk), John (Carol Neufeld), Kelvin (Elaine Lieske), Donald (Kimberly Sue Kingdom);  son-in-law Norman Fuhr; 15 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren.

  • Birth: February 22, 1916
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  • Death: March 16, 2011

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