Lena Fast


Lena Fast died Sept. 26, 2008. She was born Nov. 2, 1921 in Alexanderthal, Ukraine to Jacob and Sara Isaac. At 7, she fled with her parents and 2 siblings from Russia through Germany to Brazil. She came to Christ through the Free Evangelical church and was baptized in May 1948. In 1949, she moved to Canada and worked hard to pay off her travel debt. After 4 years in Canada, she started correspondence with John K. Fast, a widower in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On Nov. 21, 1953, in Sao Paulo, she married John and became a mother to his 2 sons. In 1956, the family moved to B.C. Lena worked extremely hard and eventually founded her own housekeeping company. She volunteered for MCC more than 30 years, until her 80s. Hundreds of her quilts are all over the world. Working for MCC gave her much joy. She was a member at South Hill Church (Vancouver MB). Predeceased by John, 4 siblings, 2 great-grandchildren; Lena is mourned by children Lily, Herman (Shirley), Erwin (Elfriede), Walter (Elnora).

  • Birth: November 2, 1921
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  • Death: September 26, 2008

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