Isaak Funk


Isaak Funk died July 17, 2008. He was born Apr. 27, 1927 in Katherinovka, Ukraine to Isaak J. and Katharina Funk. When he was 2, his family travelled to Moscow to obtain immigration papers to Canada, but his father was arrested and sent to Siberia. They never saw him again. In 1943, the Funk family left Ukraine for Germany, where Isaac was drafted into the German army. In early 1945, he was captured and spent time in an American PoW camp. He gave his life to God and was baptized in Gronau, Germany on Sept. 28, 1948. Isaak sailed for Paraguay in 1950, moved to Uruguay in 1955, and arrived in Canada in 1957. He worked in logging and carpentry. Isaak married Elizabeth Penner on July 13, 1963, settling in Vancouver. In 1969, Isaac and Elizabeth moved to Abbotsford to realize his dream of farming. They farmed strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries for 39 years. Isaak never retired. He is mourned by Elizabeth; children Elizabeth (Fred), Isaak (Chrissy), Frieda (Todd), Susan (Alex), Lydia (Ron), David (Faith), Dan, John (Melanie), Phil (Silvia); 17 grandchildren; 1 brother. The memorial was July 25 at King Road MB Church, Abbotsford.

  • Birth: April 27, 1927
  • Birthplace:
    Katherinovka, Ukraine
  • Death: July 17, 2008

  • Parents:
    Isaak J. and Katharina Funk
  • Married:
    Elizabeth Penner, July 13, 1963
  • Family:
    Children Elizabeth (Fred), Isaak (Chrissy), Frieda (Todd), Susan (Alex), Lydia (Ron), David (Faith), Dan, John (Melanie), Phil (Silvia); 17 grandchildren
  • Baptism:
    Gronau, Germany - September 29, 1948