Helen Thiessen


Helen Thiessen died Mar. 13, 2011. She was born Aug. 3, 1924 in Felsenbach, Ukraine to Abram and Helena (Penner) Thiessen. The family immigrated to Canada in 1927, settling in Alexander, Man. Helen came to faith in her late teens through her sister’s testimony, and was baptized into Griswold (Man.) MB Church. She attended Peniel Bible School, Winkler, 1944−46, and MB Bible College, Winnipeg, 1950−52. Helen loved her career as a registered nurse, graduating from Grace Hospital, Winnipeg, in 1957. She served in Winnipeg, Reedley, Cal., Australia, and Brandon, Man. She retired as head nurse in 1985 after 19 years at Chilliwack General Hospital, B.C. Helen joined Central Community Church, Chilliwack, in 1986. She was an avid reader and photographer and meticulously documented her annual travels. Helen is remembered for her prayerful generosity to Christian radio, missionaries, and mission organizations. She served her church and Mennonite Central Committee tirelessly. Predeceased by 1 brother, Helen is mourned by 5 siblings; 11 nieces and 13 nephews and their families.

  • Birth: August 3, 1924
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  • Death: March 13, 2011

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