Cornelius E. Penner


Deaths-CorneliousCorny’s family fled to Canada in 1926, settling near Rosenhof, Sask. After Grade 9, Corny helped on the farm, eventually renting land of his own. He began a long successful career in construction in 1956. His hand is in many of the schools, bridges, churches, and other public buildings in and around Swift Current, Sask. A 1969 construction accident left Corny a paraplegic for 3 months, but true to his indomitable spirit, he walked out of the hospital using 2 canes. While recovering use of his legs, Corny challenged the test to achieve journeyman status, and went on to work another 15 years. He could master any mechanical, plumbing, electrical, or masonry task. In his later years, Corny became babysitter for his grandson. He enjoyed gardening, cooking, travelling, reading, and helping with renovation projects. At 80, he renovated his home.

  • Birth: June 5, 1919
  • Birthplace:
    Schoendorf, Ukraine
  • Death: November 2, 2012

  • Parents:
    Cornelius & Helene Penner
  • Married:
    Susie (deceased)
  • Family:
    children Lynn, Larry (Linette); 1 grandson; 4 step-grandchildren; 1 great-grandson; 4 siblings