At the Scent of Water: The Ground of Hope in the Book of Job

At the Scent of Water: The Ground of Hope in the Book of Job 
J. Gerald Janzen

At the Scent of Water is a rare gift for those who want to explore the mysteries of Job.

The author (well-known among scholars for his 1985 Interpretation commentary on Job) combines a life of learning as seminary professor, Anglican priest, family man, and cancer patient into a remarkable book of mature reflection.

Janzen is a master of biblical study, from the details of word study, to charting a useful framework for Old Testament theology, to embracing and integrating other disciplines such as Mesopotamian studies, meteorology, and developmental psychology. A love of poetry is evident throughout: the reader might be surprised to find how relevant Robert Frost can be to understanding Job.

Some of Janzen’s theological reflections are provocative, to be sure – but hardly more so than the biblical Job himself!

Finally – and this will be of particular interest to some MB Herald readers – the book closes with a fascinating personal epilogue that involves Janzen’s Mennonite parents in his hometown of Foam Lake, Sask.

At the Scent of Water is recommended for teachers, preachers, and all who want to explore Job’s journey with the help of a wise and gentle guide.

Randy Klassen teaches Bible at Bethany College, Hepburn, Sask., and is a member of West Portal Church, Saskatoon.

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