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This year, Give Christmas Away

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This year, MB Mission offers an abundance of opportunities to spend your Christmas magnanimity on projects advancing the holistic gospel through the agency’s workers around the world.

Our “Give Christmas Away [initiative] asks us to consider giving of ourselves to GO (share your family and love with someone), PRAY (dedicate your time to a season of prayer), or GIVE (support projects directly related to reaching the least reached around the world through our MB church plants),” says Larry Neufeld, MB Mission lead team member for mobilization and media.

Regional mobilizer Lloyd Letkeman heads up the “Go” component this year, taking a team from Manitoba to work alongside church planters Dave and Louise Sinclair-Peters in Thailand where people are fascinated with the trappings of a North American Christmas.

The team will help Dave and Louise respond to many requests from Thai community centres, public schools, and manufacturing centres for a presentation about Christmas. The North Americans will sing carols, describe holiday traditions – and share the Christmas story in the context of the whole gospel narrative from creation to resurrection.

Those interested in spending Christmas serving alongside international church planters should contact MB Mission regarding next year’s trip.

“Give” options fall under four categories – justice for children, walk humbly, love mercy, invest in hope – each containing a range of options, from $25 to send two students to receive a Christian education at MB Junior College in India; to $100 to cover the costs of building a sanitary latrine for a group of 5–15 families; to $650 to purchase a scooter for a pastor, evangelist, or health care worker to reach remote villages; to $1,000 for a vocational training centre’s operating costs for one month. Rather than a one-time donation, many of these offerings can be given monthly, providing steady funding for orphans or pastors.

To pray through the season with MB Mission, visit www.mbmission.org/go/christmas/pray to download a booklet of daily Advent meditations by missionaries, suitable for group or individual use.

Among the many giving options available, “Give Christmas Away is unique,” says Letkeman, “in that it connects Mennonite Brethren directly with international church plants living out a holistic gospel.”

—Karla Braun

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