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The Littlest Evangelists

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The sayings of Lukas, Sylas, and Olivia:

Many church planters have young families, and their children often voice the greatest insights, the hardest questions – and the funniest lines. Twitter user @shawncuthill, a church planter in Toronto, shares his children’s pithiest sayings with his followers.

He says: “Being a church planter means your entire family is on the journey with you. You don’t leave your work at the office; it’s part of your life. This is true for most pastors, but planters especially do lots on our own until God grows our group. As much as possible, my wife and I try to include our kids in what’s going on. Please pray for them and for other church planter kids trying to share Jesus in new and exciting ways!”

Dad: “Sy, did you get saved at camp this summer?”

Sylas: “No, I got saved last year on the Tower of Terror at Disney…just in case I died!”





Sylas: (homework assignment) Dear mom, thank you for everything, like my food, and my toys, and my birth, from sylas


Lukas: “Daddy, if mice believed in God they would give back all the cheese they stole.”


Sylas: (praying before New Year’s) “Dear God, please don’t let the world end in 2012.”


Sylas: “Dad, you know, for some reason, evil people always have cats…like Gargamel or the bad guy from Inspector Gadget!”


Olivia (after family put up the nativity scene): “Baby Jesus!”

Mom: “Yes, Olivia, there’s baby Jesus up there.”

Lukas: “Where’s baby Jesus? Oh there he is…and the wise men…and shepherds… but where’s King Herod?”


Sylas: “Dad, at school today I met a new friend. He didn’t speak any English, but he knew all the swear words!”


Sylas: (to sister) “Bible camp is so much fun! It’s like Hogwarts for Christians!”


Olivia: “Daddy, can we skip church today?”
Dad: “No, it’s Easter.”
Olivia: “Jesus didn’t pray in church, Daddy; he prayed in a garden.”


Sylas: “Dad, when they invent a time machine, the first place I’m going to go is back in time with Jesus.”


Olivia: “Daddy, you know what I call Jesus dying on the cross? The BIG sacrifice! Because he died to save so many people.”

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