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September Issue 2013

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“Will you officiate our wedding”

An orientation for single sexuality: The “do’s”of purity

You don’t know them!

Moving beyond “The Talk”

What makes a back-to-school missionary?


Editorial: It’s a new day: Discerning a way forward together

Conference news

Outfront: Sex: It’s not all about me

Text Message: The God who can bend nature

Viewpoint: Religion in Canada: De-Christianization continues apace

Intersection of faith and life: Unfinished business with John Howard Yoder




Daughter’s death kindles mother’s passion to learn and serve 

Syrian children carry heavy load

MCC releases new resource to combat pornography 

News in story

Prof retires to hunt treasure

The value of vouchers

Canada’s oldest MB church is still growing

Mixed marriage marks decade 

MKs inspire children for mission

Balcony collapses at Camp Péniel

Camp Chapel continues year-round 

CMU breaks ground on expansion project

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Arnold Foth, Velma Janzen, Anna Dick, Luise Wiens, Evald Warkentin, Elsie Siemens, Hedie Dorothea Hintz, Paul Przybylski, Linda (Suderman) Stobbe, Sonja Pepneck, Anna Schmidt-Ratzlaff, Judith (Judy) Mary Driediger, Walter Peter Petker, Nettie Berg, Linda Kehler, Kornelius (Korny) Braun, Gordon Leslie Weber, Peter Boschman



Film’s mockery belittles theology

Music for the masses


Creating a Scene in Corinth: A Simulation

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Finding Your Calling, Making a Difference


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