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Moderator’s minute: Three words, three rocks

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As I consider my new role as moderator of the executive board, three words come to mind: consultation, clarity, and communication.

Consultation means the board welcomes your participation as an MB member. We value your perspective, and invite you to ask questions and provide insight into the issues at hand.

Clarity speaks to simplicity, definition, and focus. The many issues we face need to be distilled into understandable and manageable pieces.

Finally, communication. We want you to know our denomination’s opportunities and challenges so you can engage through prayer, questions, ideas, and dialogue.

The three big rocks (priorities) in the MB executive board’s bucket are as follows:

1. Executive director: Our highest priority is determining whom God is leading into this very important role. The search team executive (comprised of four board members) is in dialogue with some individuals suggested for this role. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to provide clear leadership in this matter. A larger search team is being assembled for further input and consultation when a suitable candidate is brought forward. We invite you to provide names of individuals with whom the search committee should make contact. What should we be looking for in a national executive director?

2. National–provincial synergy: Many people think of the MB organization in Canada as a single entity. In reality, however, there is a national body (CCMBC) and multiple provincial entities – all of which function independently, yet collaboratively engage each another. The question that frequently surfaces is “how can we best work together to accomplish our purposes?” Our October board meeting in Winnipeg will invest significantly in this matter. A question for your input: what needs of the local church must the Canadian MB conference address and equip with suitable resources?

3. Seminary:
With MB Biblical Seminary being reabsorbed into Fresno Pacific University, we’re asking how to develop long-term, effective, and sustainable MB leadership training in Canada. Currently, MBBS-ACTS (Langley, B.C.) and Canadian Mennonite University (Winnipeg) provide training. The board’s seminary commission appreciates your input about this need. What should church leadership training for MBs in Canada look like in the future?

My hope is that you will take a moment to pray for the larger family and participate with interest as you are able. The board invites your thoughtful responses to these questions in preparation for our meeting Oct. 15–17. Please email to MBboard@mbconf.ca.

Paul J. Loewen is moderator of the executive board of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches. He is the advancement—church relations representative at Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford, B.C.

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