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MB scholar miraculously recovers

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A widely known author, lecturer, and commentator on church and faith is grateful he has survived a medical emergency that could have claimed his life.

John Redekop had just returned, with wife Doris, from a 10-province “honeymoon trip – the longest of our 52 such celebrations of marriage.” He began to notice deteriorations in his abilities to type, speak, remember, even drive. Then he had difficulty walking.

He had banged his head in late August while loading a vehicle, and after the pain had subsided, thought nothing of it. But the incident had ruptured a blood vessel in his brain. Blood accumulations had started to take their toll, pushing a part of the brain aside, and drawing needed fluid from other parts of the brain.

A “fortuitous” visit to the Redekop home by their daughter-in-law Lee Ann, a family physician, and rapid arrangements made by their son Gary, a neurosurgeon, led to emergency surgery. Redekop is now recovering at home. Another three to five day wait, he says, would have brought death.

He has stepped down temporarily from his role as chairman of the Stillwood Camp board, and curtailed other activities, but Redekop – who is known for his tireless pace – is already handling requests to speak. “We are deeply grateful,” he says, “that the procedure was successful and that God has spared me for more living, loving, and service.”

Barrie McMaster

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