March Issue 2013

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Praying the passion 

Three children embrace the importance of outreach 

Poem: Deserving


Editorial: Humble majesty

Conference news
Executive board welcomes new rep, begins financial review

Credentialing: the BFL’s favourite task
Board of faith and life statement on creation

Text messageHe’s not dead anymore!

Testimony: Not missing out anymore

Viewpoint: Salmon run

Intersection of faith and life: Artesian springs of God’s love



Prayer for Japan
For Goodness’ Sake

News in story
Working at healing and renewal
How do kingdom citizens act in a world of conflict?
Graffiti in the garden of Gethsemane
C2C planters cross sea

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]
—Elizabeth Ewert, Katharina (Kay) Funk, Sharon Anne Filson, Elizabeth Wolff, Esther Regehr, Frances Mary Farrant, Esther Reimer, Maria Jordan, Magdalena Sommer, Velma (Vel) Clark, Albert Norman Peters, Roderick Campbell (Cam) Murdoch



Discerning music Part 3: Working the muscle of attention


Laughter is Sacred Space: The Not-So-Typical Journey of a Mennonite Actor by Karyn Guenther

Things Hold Together: John Howard Yoder’s Trinitarian Theology of Culture by Alex Suderman

Radical Christian Discipleship by Spencer Nikkel

—Mother Teresa is Dead [theatre]


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