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“Give us today our daily bread…”

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WFD 2013 Final_1World Food Day – Oct. 16 

World Food Day was founded by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in Quebec City in 1945 to raise awareness about hunger.

According to the FAO, some 852 million people in developing countries (14.9 percent of the population) were undernourished in 2010–2012.

Food insecurity – insufficient access to safe and nutritious food that meets dietary needs for a healthy life – also exists in Canada, affecting 1 in 8 households. Nunavut has the highest rate (36 percent of households) of food insecurity. In general, Canadians are most likely to experience food insecurity in households including children under 18, headed by a lone woman.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank – a Christian response to hunger – provides a worship resource for World Food Day including prayers, songs, and a children’s feature. Download from foodgrainsbank.ca.

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