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drift wood guy.webDriven, I am.
I should. I must. I do.
Cause. Coerce. Continue.
Who will save me? Stop me? Hold me?
I worry and scurry while
I hurry to my perfection.
I strive to arrive.


Rest, he whispers.
Come away. Put away. Cease.
Release. Retreat. Refrain.
Come to me! Trust me! Embrace me!
He invites and incites so
I alight in his affection.
I arrive. I’m alive.


Ken Dueck is transitional restoration pastor at Highland MB Church, Calgary. He wrote this poem following a conversation with his spiritual director, just prior to starting a sabbatical at Harrison (B.C.) Gospel Chapel.

Tedd Tribe, “Beseeching in Worship,” driftwood sculpture, 2005. Tedd attends The Meeting Place, Winnipeg. “The piece spoke for itself when I picked it up. This individual is in real worship, holding on to the rock or stump at his waist for support because he is reaching off balance, needing support in his supplication.”

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