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Church Anniversaries

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Woodrow (Sask.) Gospel Chapel celebrated 100 years June 26–27.
Congregation started by Mennonite immigrants from North Dakota.

Hepburn (Sask.) MB Church celebrated 100 years July 30–Aug. 2.
Congregation started by Mennonite immigrants from Nebraska.

Kelstern Community Church, Hodgeville, Sask., celebrated 100 years July 3–4.
Originally Elim MB Church of Kelstern; merged with Gnadenau MB Church at Flowing Well, Sask., in 1968.

Fourth Avenue Bible Church, Niverville, Man., celebrated 80 years May 2.

Initially, MB and General Conference Mennonite immigrants from Ukraine met together. A building for Niverville MB Church was constructed in the 1940s.

Black Creek MB Church celebrated 75 years July 30–Aug. 1.
Formally organized on Jan. 6, 1935, Black Creek MB Church was  established exactly 75 years after the birth of the MB church in Russia.
Click here to read a brief history of the Black Creek church, prepared by the anniversary commission.

Kelowna (B.C.) Gospel Fellowship celebrates 50 years Oct. 8–10.

Begun as a Mennonite Church Canada congregation, Kelowna Gospel Fellowship migrated to the MB family in 2004.

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