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Personal stories are snapshots of grief

Tears in a Bottle: Stories of life and loss
Clair Hudson Jantzen

Trafford Publishing, 2010
57 pages




Sheilagh dreads getting the mail since her husband died; Nellie can’t bring herself to make coffee. Cliff, having received so much comfort and support at the hospital while she lingered, is suddenly and utterly alone now that she’s gone. Wendy is quietly relieved he’s no longer abandoning her for Ms. Tequila. Tears in a Bottle is 51 brief vignettes on death, from aching grief, to guilt, numbness, anger, relief. Grief counsellor Clair Hudson Jantzen shares real stories in their own voices from a variety of individuals to illustrate many responses to loss. The brief book is intended to help those who are grieving – and sometimes unable to concentrate on a long book – to reflect on the experiences of others on a journey of loss.

—Karla Braun

Being with God set

Words of Faith, Words of Hope, Words of Peace
Tricia Williams, ed.

Scripture Union, 2010
48 pages each




With familiar hymns and pictures, these devotionals for adults with dementia and their caregivers are designed to trigger memories of faith. Developed in consultation with experts in dementia care, each book of 31 daily devotionals includes Bible readings, simple prayers, “cues and clues” boxes to foster engagement with the theme, a user guide, and a CD of inspirational songs for each day’s theme.


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