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Notice from the CCMBC executive board 

As of its Oct. 25–27 board meetings, the executive board currently has four openings for members at large (MAL),  one of which is in the process of being filled. Two recent resignations combined with the two MAL positions still vacant at Gathering 2012 have made filling the slate a higher priority than previously anticipated. The board consists of a moderator, assistant moderator, secretary, nine MAL, and six provincial conference moderators.

“The expertise and wisdom of David Marshall (Ont.) and Rick Goossen (B.C.) was much appreciated in their brief service on the board, and we value their continued input during this period of financial stewardship review,” says moderator Paul Loewen. “Given their professional financial expertise, Marshall and Goossen are in a better position to serve the conference’s review team as external consultants rather than board members.”

The executive board also extends thanks to the following members whose service ended recently due to term expiry, circumstances which rendered them ineligible, or personal reasons: Ike Bergen (MB Mission representative); Rob Thiessen (former B.C. moderator who now serves on the BFL in his new capacity as B.C. conference minister); Don Petker, assistant moderator (B.C. MAL); Kerry Dyck (former ABMB moderator); Peter Duerksen (former ONMB moderator); Frank Wiens (Ont. MAL).

We invite you to prayerfully suggest names for the discernment of the executive board’s nominating committee. Nominees should have a good understanding of MB theology and practice, with eldership qualifications and references from their local church (see also 1 Timothy 3; 1 Peter 5).

The board seeks members representing a range of professional experience related to the work of governance and oversight, along with a healthy balance of gender, age, and provincial representation.

Please forward all suggestions to: mbboard@mbconf.ca.

Members of the CCMBC executive board as of November 2012

Paul Loewen (moderator) – 2014

Len Penner (assistant moderator) – 2014

Victor Martens (secretary) – 2014

Nancy Boese (MAL) – 2014

David McLauren (MAL) – 2014

Gerald Peters (MAL) – 2016

Sam Reimer (MAL) – 2016

John Unger (MAL, MBBS representative) – 2014

Ron Van Akker (B.C. moderator)

Val Martens (Alberta moderator)

Todd Hardy (Saskatchewan moderator)

Harold Froese (Manitoba moderator)

Karen West (Ontario moderator)

Ginette Bastien (Quebec moderator)

Brian Cooper (BFL chair) – 2014

Terrance Froese (BFL vice-chair) 2016

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