You Never Know What You Have Till You Give it Away and Other Important Lessons on Leadership


You Never Know What You Have Till You Give it Away and Other Important Lessons on Leadership

Brian C. Stiller



“If the congregation, organization or business is not edging out onto a ledge of increasing discomfort, the feelings of comfort are so compelling that they build into systems, protocols and defense procedures that protect rather than agitate for creativity.”

Stiller nudges the reader onto this ledge by providing incisive and compelling insights about effective leadership. He touches on more than 70 important leadership topics such as not allowing fear to plan our calendars, pursuing obedience over fulfillment, generating hope without hyperbole, and dismissing an employee graciously and quickly.

Stiller’s 50 years of leadership experience, including serving as president of Tyndale University College and Seminary, Toronto, gives the book a strong pragmatic orientation. Yet, his insights far exceed leadership tips or best practices; some are deeply profound, counterintuitive, and even countercultural.

Stiller keeps the reader’s interest by using quotes, personal stories, and prayers to bring to life many key leadership principles and practices.

Those looking for a systematic treatment of the topic of leadership will likely be disappointed by Stiller’s collection of leadership advice. However, for those seeking a leadership mentor who can provide timely wisdom, particularly for Christian leaders in the Canadian context, Stiller’s latest book is a must-read.

Randy Wollf is assistant professor of practical theology and leadership studies at MBBS-ACTS, Langley, B.C.

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