Two churches stop to remember

Churches celebrate unity among believers and God’s faithfulness with anniversary remembrance. Recently, two MB churches celebrated landmark anniversaries.

Dalhousie Community Church, Calgary, “sprang out of the strong vision of a group of believers from the Highland MB Church,” reads their website. In 1984, under the leadership of Henry Willms, Henry Wall, and J.R. Klassen, it opened its doors to people from the city’s northwest growth corridor along Crowchild Trail. A special worship service Jan. 11, 2009, followed by a fellowship meal, celebrated 25 years. Current pastor is Brad Huebert.

Yarrow (B.C.) MB Church celebrated 80 years on Feb. 1. Formally organized Feb. 3, 1929, with 96 members, 1 year after Mennonite settlers arrived in the area, the church grew to be the largest MB church in Canada in 1948, with 970 members, before economic hardships drove many families to live elsewhere.

At the anniversary Sunday morning service, themed “To God be the glory,” Susie (Giesbrecht) Derksen, 92, present at the church’s founding, shared “the blessings of yesterday,” and Madison Hardie, 12, addressed “the hope for tomorrow,” sharing her desire to be used by God at Yarrow MB. Associate pastor Ike Bergen challenged the congregation to make a difference in the present that will be worth celebrating in the future. A fellowship meal followed the service.

—Karla Braun, from reports

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