World MB family album in full colour

The Colors of the Mennonites in Andhra Pradesh: Devuni Prema Idhigo / Behold the Love of God


David A. Wiebe & Paul D. Wiebe, featuring photographs by Rufus Gurugulla

Behold the love of God written in the faces of his Indian children. The Colors of the Mennonites – more family photo album than narrative – is aptly titled: this is the Mennonite Brethren of Andhra Pradesh in weddings and worship and all that walks between. A foreword, preface and epilogue bookend the glossy paged hardcover packed with full-spread pictures by the Wiebes and Indian photographer Rufus Gurugulla and watercolour paintings by David Wiebe.

The book includes photos of church and school buildings (some impressive, some humble) and panoramic shots of Indian cities and countryside, but most of all it shows the faces of Indian Mennonite Brethren in their colour and diversity, full of agency and joy. Assembled and captioned by David and Paul Wiebe, The Colors of the Mennonites reads like a love letter from these now-retired, American, twin brothers who spent their early lives as missionary kids in India.

Previous books by the Wiebes In Another Day of the Lord: The Mission Days of the Mennonite Brethren Church of India in Pictures (black and white), and Heirs and Joint Heirs: Mission to Church Among the Mennonite Brethren of Andhra Pradesh fill in some historical and cultural background on the MB church in India.


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