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The MB Herald has been reduced to a bimonthly printing schedule, beginning in June 2015. The executive decision to terminate the magazine with the December 2015 issues was reversed in July.

» What do you appreciate about the Herald?

» Which articles, features or columnists are your favourites?

» How does the Herald contribute to your Christian discipleship?

» Tell us about a time you shared the Herald with a friend, neighbour or coworker.

Updated August 21, 2015

One Comment on “Share with us

  1. I’m very sorry to hear of the changes at the Herald. I read it with much interest each month and especially enjoyed the feeling of connection with the wider Canadian and world wide MB family it provided. How will we connect in the future without this common publication, I wonder.
    I was often challenged and inspired by the inspirational stories and articles, especially the real life stories of those who have gone to be with their Lord. Kudos to those who wrote and edited the obituaries – written in such a way that I felt I knew each one personally. Again, how will we know now, when that old Sunday School Teacher, that church member that encouraged us as children, that pastor or school friend passes away? Perhaps not an earth shattering loss but one that kept us connected.
    I understand that change must happen in order to move into the future but I’m not clear who the new publication is targeting or whether it will continue to be a connecting force for us as MB individuals and churches.
    Regardless, thank you for an excellent publication – one that made me feel like I was part of a larger community, a community of shared faith, values and love for Christ.

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