September Issue 2014



10 commandments for pastors

A celebration of camp in pictures

7 ways to pray while you run (or walk)

“Remain in me”
What the Hemorrhaging Faith research project means for the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Church

Pull up a chair


Featured contributor


Editorial: Prayers for Iraq

Executive director: Compelled to be an ambassador

Text Message: The cost of mercy

Intersection of faith and life: One of those weeks



9 ways to fight human trafficking

Staff appointment

MWC Peace Sunday

Report on USMB annual convention

News in story

Memories of faith-filled father kept evergreen

New position connects Chinese churches

CFL newbie knows his family is behind him

A note of hope from Ukraine

MCC in Iraq

MCC supports Light and Hope for Syrians


“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

John Wall, Waldo Fast, David Frank Thiessen, Elda (Thiessen) Falk, Edna Isaac, Timothy John Woelk, Nick Thiessen, Sherryl Ann Epp, Jacob Gerhard Penner, Hugo Waldemar Reimer


Church anniversary


New Anabaptist curriculum Shines

Christian artists “bound” together in new volume

Prayer calendar

5 Comments on “September Issue 2014

  1. Just curious why there were no letters to the editor this month… or maybe I’m missing something.

    • Kevin, your powers of perception are correct. Quite simply, we didn’t receive any. Feel free to write a letter to the editor about it. :)

  2. I just might. No time better than the present to get your name in print. Out of curiosity, has that ever happened before?

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