Sarah Wiens


d-sarah-wiens Sarah Wiens died Nov. 1, 2009 due to complications following a car accident. She was born Dec. 21, 1920 in Pleshanovo, Neu Samara, Russia to Henry and Sara Balzer. In 1925, she immigrated to Canada with her family, settling in the town of Colonsay, Sask. At 19, she moved to Yarrow, B.C. She worked as a domestic maid in Vancouver during the summer and attended Yarrow Bible School during the winter. At Bible school, she realized her need for Jesus, and asked him to enter her life. She was baptized July 12, 1942, and joined Yarrow MB Church. Sarah married Henry Wiens May 21, 1944. She took pride in operating a meticulously clean household, in keeping her family clothed, and in providing simple nutritious meals – usually on a shoe-string budget. She also supported her husband in his business ventures. Henry died in 1982. For several years, Sarah worked as a housekeeper, later helping out at her sons’ business. In 1997, she moved to Abbotsford, B.C., but maintained her membership and involvement in Yarrow MB Church. Sarah was a woman of deep faith who attended church faithfully, sang in the choir, enjoyed the activities and fellowship of the ladies’ group, and prayed daily for her family. Predeceased by Henry, 7 siblings; Sarah is mourned by children Jim (Olga), Linda, Rob (Laura), Alvin (Margie), Reg, Dorothy (Doug), Betty (Roger); 15 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; 1 brother, 7 in-laws.

  • Birth: December 21, 1920
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  • Death: November 1, 2009

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