Meet the Board of Faith and Life

The Canadian Mennonite Brethren board of faith and life (BFL) provides spiritual guidance and direction in matters of faith, theology, ethics, and Christian living, and upholds biblical and ethical integrity through the MB Confession of Faith. The BFL also provides resources (e.g. pamphlet series) and organizes events (e.g. study conferences and pastors credentialing orientation).—Eds

Name: Ken Peters
Position: B.C. representative
On the board since: 2002
“Day job”: pastor at Killarney Park MB Church, Vancouver
Family: married to Yvonne; 3 adult children
Most important theological issue facing MBs today: Following the Jesus of our Scripture, not the latest issue of Jesus according to theological trends.
Favourite theologian:
To call him my favourite theologian might be stretching it, but I enjoy reading Miroslav Volf.

Name: Terry Froese
Position: Saskatchewan representative
On the board since: Gathering 2008 in Quebec
“Day job”: Pastor at Hope Fellowship Church, Saskatoon
Family: married to Wanda; 5 children (one married)
Why theology is important:
Though he is unsearchable in all his ways, like the Lover he is, God still wants to be known.
Favourite theologian: Matt Groening? Ok, how about C. S. Lewis.

Name: Nelson Senft
Position: Alberta representative
On the board since: 2009
“Day job”: pastor at La Glace (Alta.) Bible Fellowship
Family: married to Margaret; 2 children
Most important theological issue facing MBs today:
Do we interpret the Scriptures in light of our culture, or do we interpret our culture in light of the Scriptures?

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