John Neufeld appointed to Back to the Bible Canada

John Neufeld, senior pastor of Willingdon MB Church, Burnaby, B.C., for 15 years, has been appointed Back to the Bible Canada’s first Canadian Bible teacher in its 75-year history. Neufeld’s beloved expositional teaching will be heard daily after Jan. 19, 2015, on more than 49 radio stations across Canada and via internet streaming, podcasts and AudioMail. Listeners will hear a preview of Neufeld’s preaching with a Christmas series the week of Dec. 15, 2014.

6 Comments on “John Neufeld appointed to Back to the Bible Canada

  1. John’s bible teaching is missed at Willingdon, we wish him God’s blessing in his new ministry.

    Carol & Ed

  2. Yes, very much missed. What a pity on!
    However, God is in control, more people,more non-believers would be able to come to Christ through the broadcast!

  3. Very thrilled to know and hear expositional teaching daily to grow in Christ as believers and many who will be found in His Kingdom through the gospel. May God richly bless your ministry.

  4. Congratulations John. The Chu’s are very happy for you.
    The world is a better place already.

  5. At first I thought that the new radio pastor would not be able to measure up to John Monroe. What a beautiful surprise!!! Of course our Meticulously Sovereign God is in charge. Your recent series is awesome.(It was incredibly beautiful to hear how Jesus took you from a pleasant farming future to serve The King of the Universe.) Todays’ Bible reading includes Matthew 2…….Do we rejoice in THE KING,or are we troubled. My favourite pastor is Tom Aicken. His favourite preacher is George Whitfield. You can find Tom Aicken e.g., The 17 sermons on James Thank-you Paul Houweling

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