BCMB reconciles with seminary prof

At the recent B.C. MB Conference convention, delegates questioned the treatment of MB seminary professor Mark Baker. The B.C. conference executive had written a letter challenging Baker’s critique of penal substitutionary atonement. Baker had responded with a letter in which he clarified his position and apologized for failing to communicate more clearly. (See “MB seminary professor apologizes for remarks” April.)

Delegates wanted to know what the response had been to Baker’s apology, and urged the B.C. conference executive to seek reconciliation. (See “B.C. addresses tension around theological diversity” June.) Following a series of meetings, the B.C. conference executive stated in a letter to MB Biblical Seminary that it values and affirms the seminary’s work, and “wholeheartedly” accepts Baker’s apology and his commitment to “proclaim the atoning life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.” The letter added that while there was not absolute agreement, it was the conference executive’s strong conviction that the matter was resolved and that “we are in a reconciled relationship with Mark.”

—J Janzen

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