2014 Summer camp photo gallery

Faces and fun from MB summer camps across Canada from east to west.

Camp Péniel, Wentworth-Nord, Que.

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Praise God for the hundreds of children and youth who made a commitment to Jesus at camp this summer. Pray that they would get connected with a church, youth group or Bible study group to grow in their faith and receive encouragement and coaching from peers and mentors.

Camp Crossroads, Torrance, Ont.

Camp Crossroads: Cabin huddles

Camp Crossroads: Cabin huddles

Pray for the young adults who served as staff at camps this summer. For many, camp provides the first opportunity to take risks in leadership, to work as a team and to learn to trust God for wisdom and provision as camp workers. Pray that the faith that has grown in the staff over the summer will continue to be nurtured and fed as they return home to work or studies.

Simonhouse Bible Camp, Cranberry Portage, Man.

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Pray for ingenuity as camps plan new programs and activities and recruit staff and campers for the next season. Pray that campers who were touched by the gospel for the first time would return for more discipleship and bring their friends.

Redberry Bible Camp, Blaine Lake, Sask.

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Camp Evergreen, Sundre, Alta.

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Pray for the retreats and rental groups our camps hosts during the off-season. Pray for opportunities for all-season staff to share the hope of the gospel in these circumstances as well. Pray that the camp locations would be permeated by the peaceful presence of the Spirit.

Gardom Lake, Enderby, B.C.

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Gardom Lake Bible Camp celebrated 40 years of summer camp in 2014. Gardom Lake “is an unique environment where shy and introverted campers find connections and courage to open up, children who have a hard time focusing or sitting still have the freedom to explore, and campers of all ages and personalities discover the joy of being in nature. Unplugged from constant media distractions, camp is a place to appreciate the beauty of mountains, trees, lakes, star-filled skies and to find rest and refreshment,” says director Rikk Kieft.

Many campers return year after year, becoming volunteer staff as they age out of the programs and desire to become involved in a different way. “Serving at camp provides opportunities to grow in responsibility, leadership, and discipleship as staff and volunteers live out the biblical metaphor of the body of Christ,” says Kieft.

Camp Likely, Quesnel Lake, B.C.

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Praise God for safety of staff and camps. Praise God that Camp Likely was able to find alternative activities during the wateruse ban on Quesnel Lake. Pray that camp personnel, and governments and industry would wisely manage natural resources in the wilderness areas where summer camps are located.

Stillwood, Lindell Beach, B.C.

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Praise God for the senior citizens who have supported camps for decades – as the pioneers and builders, the first volunteer staff members, as prayer warriors and financial supporters and as an example of Christian discipleship all along the road.

Camp Bob, Roberts Lake, B.C.

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Updated Sept. 15, 2014: photos added.

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